Our mission:

We specialize in finding engineering solutions to complex, long range shooting requirements. From rifle building advice and external ballistics, to highly specialized and cutting edge instruction on some of the most advanced day and night optics on the planet. 

Be it Police, Military or civilian, you need reliable and proven equipment in order to enhance your capability wherever in the world you are. From rest bags to optics mounting, we supply the best; because after more than a decade of military experience we know what works, how it works and in some cases, how to make it better. 

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Consultancy Services

We offer Rifle courses covering the Marksmanship fundamentals, to quick engagement techniques using your optics reticule, from unconventional positions. We are able to offer a high level of techincal training allowing you to get the most from your chosen equipment. We have a vast amount of experience working with thermal imaging, nightvision and cutting edge ballistic computers. We have a strong working relationship with industry big hitters such as Flir, Wilcox, Applied Ballistics and Vortex Optics, so if its advice your after, you are in the right place. 

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